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TypeFace – typographical portrait art

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Hello & welcome. My name is Kenneth Rougeau & I’m an artist living in Portland, Oregon. I compose creative digital collage constructions to surreal (and often very silly) effects. I work primarily in the digital medium, as it allows the most freedom of expression, but I do enjoy creating one-of-a-kind original paper & mixed media collages whenever time & resources allow.

I’ve recently created an experimental series of explorable strata” collages which are essentially small altered art books that can be opened and examined. I call them de Composition” books because they are made from small, tattered & torn composition books which are covered with imagery.

One of my most recent digital collage sets, the Ascension series, combines vintage anatomical images with fairy-like butterfly wings to create a sorrowfully evocative set of surrealistic scenes. The piece entitled Patience was in fact inspired “a bit by Salvador Dali & a bit by the Grateful Dead.” Arguably the most powerful piece in the series, Metamorphosis,  is meant to convey mans need to change and evolve, to become more than he is by depicting an anatomical “angel” who has evolved beyond his need for the “outer layers” that hide his true identity.

I first began creating digital collages “seriously” after creating a series of 18 images to illustrate Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I’ve since followed up with a second series based on Through The Looking Glass.

Anthropomorphism implies the attribution of human feelings, emotions &/or qualities to non-human animals & objects. My series of anthropomorphic collages hopes to give us a glimpe into an alternate universe in which English dandies become Dandy Lions , where a secretary bird sits, parasol in hand, to interview for a clerical position, and where raccoons rob people at gunpoint.

I’ve created numerous other digital collages, many of which are inspired by songs, poetry, and stories. Among these are Waiting For Godot, based on the Samuel Beckett play, and Apres Moi Le Deluge, inspired by the Regina Spektor song of the same name.

My most recent forays are the strange and unusual Distant Cousins collection, the still evolving Convolutions series, and most recently I’ve created over 100 typographical portraits for the TypeFace collection.

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